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Aircraft Instrument Technician Sr.
Position ID: 19213 Status: Closed
Location: Lincoln, California, United States How Many: 1
Duration: 12 Month(s) Pay Rate: $30.00/Hour
Employment Type: Contract
Position Description:

Position Purpose:
Provide leadership, technical expertise and guidance while performing various operational, functional tests and repairs of aircraft instruments to ensure a defect free product. Provide superior technical expertise in troubleshooting and repairing instruments to ensure minimum schedule impact. Demonstrate technical expertise and leadership by defining and implementing process changes to reduce cost and meet schedule without compromising Safety or Quality. Demonstrates the knowledge and leadership skills required to fill in for the team leader thus insuring that the company’s goals of Safety and Quality are enforced all times while adhering to daily work plans to maintain schedule requirements.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Essential Functions:
1. Demonstrates superior technical skills and expertise in repair, operational testing, and troubleshooting of aircraft instruments. Provide direct training to personnel to support company cross-training goals while ensuring a safety conscience, quality oriented, skilled workforce.
2. Teaches the repair and functionally testing of instruments and systems per Engineering specifications, drawings and maintenance manuals ensuring a defect free system.
3. Ensures quality and efficiency of all repairs: troubleshoots and teaches troubleshooting processes/concepts to provide timely, quality repairs and workmanship.
4. Demonstrates to others the skills and knowledge required to effectively and efficiently repair or replace defective components to ensure instruments meet conformity. Demonstrates effective repair techniques using acceptable
practices including soldering, use of small hand tools, and test equipment.
5. Oversees the performance and compliance with engineering changes and modifications as required.
6. Sets up and operates necessary test equipment: conducts functional and operational tests to evaluate performance and reliability.
7. Demonstrates through diligent compliance the importance of daily logs and other paperwork. Ensures that all work performed on is properly and completely documented
8. As required, pre-inspects work of others prior to submitting to inspection for approval to reduce rework and inspection time.
9. Provide the knowledge and technical expertise in testing and maintaining test equipment as required.
10. Ability to read and interpret component maintenance manuals, basic blueprints, and schematic diagrams.
11. Enforces the company’s policies and all safety regulations.

Additional Functions:
1. Self-inspection capability for all instrument testing functions.
2. Performs other duties as assigned.

Operating Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
Training & Education Requirements:
High School graduate or GED.


Unique Skills:
Intermediate Level/Depot Experience required.
US Navy and Marine Corp Technical School - A and C School preferred.
62A Shop Experience preferred.

Experience Requirements:
Two (2) years of accredited schooling in aviation electronics and/or instruments and four (4) years experience; or six (6) years related work experience in an aircraft instrument career field.

Other Qualifications & Physical Requirements: (show specifics of physical dimensions on following page)
Must be able to climb stairs and ladders, work in confined areas and lift up to 80 pounds.
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