Open Positions

Combat Aircraft Training Specialist 4Industrial Engineer 2Methods Procurement Analyst 2Software Engineer 4
Technical Designer 4Technical Designer 3Technical Designer 4Mechanical Design Engineer - Completions
Structures MRB EngineerMission Computing Hardware Engineer 4Electrical Engineer 4 - CompletionsStress MRB Engineer
Electrical Engineer 3 - Innovation & FlightTraining Systems Integrator 4Software Engineer 3Electrical Design Engineer - Completions
Mechanical Design Engineer - CompletionsElectrical Design Engineer 5Systems Engineer 3Software Engineer 3
Systems Engineer 4Systems Engineer 4Technical Project Engineer 5Payload Systems Design Engineer 4
Software Engineer 4Software Engineer 3Systems Engr Support Analyst 3Structural Analysis Engineer 4
Structural Analysis Engineer 3Structural Design Engineer 3Structural Design Engineer 4Electrical Interior Systems Design Engineer
Systems Engineer 4EE Technical Designer 3 - Wiring Installation DesignWire Design & Installation Engineer 3EE Technical Designer 4 - Wiring Installation Design
Wire Design & Installation Engineer 4 Real Time Software Engineer 3Real Time Software Engineer 4MP&P Technical Analyst 1
Electrical Harness Installation Engineer - EWISLiaison Design Engineer - Innovation & FlightElectronic Systems Design & Analysis Engineer 4Electronic Systems Design & Analysis Engineer 3
Structural Analysis Engineer 3Structural Analysis Engineer 4Structural Design Engineer 3Structural Design Engineer 4
NC Programmer 3MP&P Technical Analyst 3Manufacturing Engineer 4Manufacturing Engineer 5
Product Review Engineer 4Systems Engineer 3Systems Engineer 4Industrial Engineer 2
Industrial Engineer 3Product Review Engineer 3Manufacturing Engineer 3Structural Analysis Engineer 4
Software Engineer 4Systems Engineer 3 - Reliability & MaintainabilityStructural Design Engineer 3Structural Design Engineer 4
Structural Design Engineer 3Electrophysics Engineer 6 - Electromagnetic CompatibilityElectronic Design and Analysis Engineer 3 - Digital & Analog Circuits Electronic Design and Analysis Engineer 4 - Digital & Analog Circuits
Tool Designer 3Test & Evaluation Integrated Specialist 4Platform Engineer 3Software Engineer 2
Software Engineer 3Systems Engineer 3Project Engineer 4 Software Engineer 5
Weights & Mass Properties Engineer 3Systems Engineer 5Manufacturing Engineer IIISystems Engineer 5
Analog Mixed Signal Design Engineer 4Structural Design Engineer 3Systems Engineer 3Software Engineer 3
Product Review Engineer 5Manufacturing Engineer II - ElectricalNC Engineer IIIElectrical Applications Engineer - EWIS
Structural Design Engineer 3Structural Design Engineer 4EE Technical Designer 3Structural Analysis Engineer 4
Software Engineer 3Systems Engineer 4NC Engineer IIIMechanical Systems Design Engineer 4
Electrical Engineer - CompletionsStructural Analysis Engineer 4Structures MRB EngineerInterior Structural/Mechanical Design Engineer 5
Software Engineer 3Data Integrity Engineering Checker - CompletionsManufacturing Engineer IITool Design Engineer II
MRB Structures EngineerTool Design Engineer III Electrical Engineer - CompletionsStress Engineer - Interiors
Mechanical Design Engineer - CompletionsMechanical Systems MRB EngineerMechanical Design Engineer - CompletionsElectrical Engineer - Completions